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Discover a revolutionary course for PTSD Recovery and PTSD symptom relief



“The Resiliency Challenge changed my life. The tools I learned in this course got better results in all areas of my life, including self management, and I have seen major improvements with my family and work relationships.” Andy – Lake Tahoe, Veteran

The Resiliency Challenge is a comprehensive, 12 week online course that offers a daily meditation, as well as guided instruction on exactly how to manage your thoughts and feelings. This online coaching program is a results-driven experience that will help you and your family Beat PTSD and experience PTSD relief today. "Beating PTSD is the process of learning new skills to reduce the symptoms of PTSD so you can regain control of your life."  


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What does this program offer?
Resiliency Challenge gives you practical tools to successfully manage PTSD.  Resiliency Challenge guides you though a daily process that will help you begin healing from PTSD. You will be given step-by-step instructions and daily, guided meditations focused on calming your mind, allowing you to be more effective and have better results in all areas of your life, both professionally and personally!

beat ptsd vetsWhat can The Resiliency Challenge Do For You?

  • Find inner peace and calm
  • Improve your effectiveness at work
  • Experience deeper more connected relationships    
  • Reduce flashback occurrences
  • Take charge of your destiny
  • Improve sleep, have deeper more restorative sleep
  • Regain control of your life 


Whats included in the Program? 

  • 12 WEEK COACHING PROGRAM- These daily coaching lessons will guide you on how to heal from the symptoms of trauma, anxiety, stress and PTSD.
  • DAILY MEDITATION- Keep your mind clear and focused with the help of these daily meditations so you can always make the best judgements and decisions.
  • EMERGENCY APP- Relieve yourself from stresses and anxiety by downloading our emergency meditation app.
  • JOURNAL- Take note of your progress and record the improvement of your anxiety or stress levels through our journal.
  • TEXT Reminders -Simply add your phone number and get reminders if you missed a lesson and updates.
  • PROGRESS REPORT- Each lesson will have you take a survey which will help you monitor your improvement.


*Sign up for the Resiliency Challenge today for free, just use code heroes under coupon code and the program is yours for FREE! Click below to sign up and begin your journey to healing from PTSD today!  


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Andy video from Keerthy Sunder on Vimeo.


About the Creator of the Resiliency Challenge 

Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD has personally worked with and helped transform the lives of thousands suffering from trauma and is a World Renowned Expert in PTSD. He is an accomplished Physician with extensive experience as a clinician, researcher, administrator, teacher, lecturer, Celebrity guest host of AM590 Radio Program – A Senior Moment, Amazon International Best Selling Author, and writer for peer-reviewed journals and professional book chapters.

The increasing rate of people affected with PTSD, especially Veterans, is alarming. Anxiety, flashbacks, self-doubt, depression and insomnia are symptoms of PTSD which can lead to something even more serious. Now is the time to Beat PTSD!

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A program that combines aspects from each of the three sources of support outlined here offers the best chance for a long-term recovery.

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